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Published on November 24th, 2013 | by Tom Sharkey


Watch Kendrick Lamar Battle Rap In The Streets Of Compton Before He Was Famous

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Kendrick Lamar has proven his worth in the hip hop game over the past couple of years, and it’s clear that his craft has been refined in the classic school of battle rapping. K.Dot grew up in Compton, outside of Los Angeles, and he has made no qualms about his humble upbringing in the streets. After his Control verse came out and Kendrick name-dropped just about all of his competition in the game, it became clear that his past as a battle rapper is still with him. We have just found a throwback video of Kendrick Lamar battle rapping on the streets of Compton before he made it big, and it’s a cool glimpse into one of rap’s heavyweights while he was still perfecting his craft.

Kendrick spits some fire bars, including one line which is eerily accurate:

“I’m so ahead of my time, I got people 5 years from now pressin rewind”

Watch Kendrick Lamar battle rapping in Compton before he was famous below:

This is dope! Kendrick been had bars for years, and this video shows how sick he has been with his rhymes for years and years. No doubt that rapping in battles like this one helped Kendrick hone his skills as an emcee, and as we keep seeing his career progress, it’s clear that he has taken some lessons from battle rapping with him in his technique now.

Shout to Reddit user akulpinski over at /r/hiphopheads for the video.

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